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Dehumidification, ventilation and heating subsidy

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A SolarVenti generates heat, fresh air and real drying and ventilation for your home

With warranty, zero outgoings and no maintenance, this is a great investment for you and your family

Over 70,000 customers have trusted SolarVenti to mount units all over the world

A SolarVenti Solar Air Collector ventilates, dehumidifies and gives supplementary heating to your home, vacation house, mobile building, basement, storage room etc. – During the day a fan is blowing warm, dry air into your house throughout the year saving money and energy with zero outgoings and no maintenance for decades.

Clarity and true Review on Solar air heaters efficiency –

Solar heating at night – Being a sustainable thermal product which has the ability  in heating most materials in your home during the day. As a result this material heat is then absorbed by cooler room air at night, so we can safely say- Yes, it does heat your home at night. For maximum benefits of a Solarventi air collector we do recommend keeping doors and windows closed to maximise thermal absorbance. Your home is still be ventilated.   Most Solarventi homes are retaining stored generated heat (above constant ambient) for up to 48 hours when closed up.

Roof penetrations – A quality air heater has quality roof penetrations and ducting to ensure weather tightness. With that, quality ducting and a one way air check system to stop heat loss and cold entering the house when fans are not in use.

Cloudy day ventilation – A Quality designed and built solar air heater provides adequate electrical power to supply enough power to run a fan during light cloud days. This in turn supplyies continual fresh filtered air at above ambient temperature as a result of diffused UV radiation.

Night operation ventilation – Quality solar air heaters can be, mains power connected to include night cooling with clean fresh filtered air.

Solar PV ‘Versus’ Solar air heaters. – Quality solar air heaters have a greater advantage over PV energy by supplying continuous heat, continuous drying and continuous ventilation. The holistic savings are long lasting to the occupants health and lungs, by elimination of house mould, elimination of dust mites, reduction in condensation and minimal structural deterioration.

Solar installations – Once correctly understood, a quality solar air heater is installed with accuracy to get the maximum return of heat and ventilation. The key is planning, understanding of the individual components and their correct installation process. After all, it is only, ducting, three wires, a 12v fan, a controller, a solar air collector and an aluminium structural frame.

Only wall mount close to rooms!!! Quality solar air heaters can be ducted up to 12 meters using high efficiency insulated ducting and correctly placed fans. Quality fans have the ability to draw the powerful healthy air to the point most in demand for extra comfort and heating. That being the lower ground or Southern cold rooms. Whether it is roof mounted or on a separate building – it is all viable.

Only work in direct sunlight!!!  Again, quality solar air collectors/heaters are designed with the correctly sized solar pv cell which work at most angles to always give a high efficiency and return on investment. The sun is never in a ‘fixed’ position directly facing your wall.

Low priced solar air collectors -The failings in the ‘bad’ or ‘cheaper’ solar collectors are that they are bad copies of patented designed, quality solar air heaters. They use reduced quality components and reduced sized solar cells. Solar air collectors do give substantial return on investment and health benefits – but only genuine quality solar air heaters like Solarventi.

This at the end of the day leads to leaky installations, low energy output, low heat output, backdrafts, rusty parts, glazing damage and in turn – a very bad investment. The fault is not solar air collectors – it is the quality of the product purchased.

You do not save money when the products are ‘cheaper’, this is a false economy. The results shown in the tests indicate big efficiency losses and false claims by some solar air collector suppliers.

Fact –

Quality Solar air heaters do run on cloudy days.

Quality Solar air heaters do supply continual filtered fresh air.

Quality solar heaters do provide heat at night – via stored heat in your home.

Quality air heaters can be ducted to long distant rooms.

Quality air heaters have greater holistic health benefits over solar Pv panels.

Here at Solarventi – we only manufacture and sell Quality Danish Solar air collectors.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

Times are changing and the world is beginning to adapt and change to meet the current state of things.

In this time it is extremely important to remember the basics when it comes to sanitisation, hygiene and cleanliness. The more we commit to these things the more we lessen the spread of COVID-19.

Research by academics has shown that fresh filtered air change is proven to greatly manage the reduction and spread of viruses including influenza.

Ref :- Roles of sunlight and natural ventilation for controlling infection:

R A Hobday & S J Dancer.

As such in these times it is good to begin considering what options are available for your home to purify and filter air flow. SolarVenti products achieve just this, as well as dehumidifying your home in the summer and heating your home in the winter

SolarVenti Australia is available across New South Wales, ACT, Victoria, South Australia, Queensland and Western Australia. – If there is not a dealer near you, let your local sustainability company know to contact us for more info.