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I was was experiencing a mould problem...

5 years ago I had a Solarventi installed as I had just bought my house and was experiencing a mould problem.

All was well until 6 months ago it stopped working. Not being in a rush to have it fixed I just left it. After a few months I noticed mould on my ceilings all through the house. Mould on my furniture and being winter I noticed my home was very cold unlike previous winters. I think I just took the vent for granted not realising how much it really was doing, it had been so many years since I had it installed that I had forgotten how bad the mould really was.

My system had been going strong for 5 years so I was worried I’d be up for a fortune to fix it as after so long something major must be wrong with it.

Eamon came to my home fixed it straight away and thank god it was only something minor and was fixed for under $100.

Not only am I extremely happy with the way this system protects my family against mould but also the environment of my home keeping it warm in winter. Not to mention its cost me less than $100 in 5 years to run it. Honestly it’s not until I was without it that I realise that this is the best mould solution I have ever invested in.

Highly recommend.  Peta Chaplin Central Coast NSW

Death watch beetles in the woodwork have disappeared completely

Log house: We cannot but praise The SolarVenti. It is a fantastic invention.

One year ago we bought a log house. We knew from the start that there were death watch beetles in the woodwork – they have disappeared completely – the house smells fresh and nice even after the winter. All cupboards and drawers have been kept open throughout the winter period. Even the bed linen smelled good!! It has been and still is a fantastic invention.

Many kind regards from Lilli Larsen

Even when we use the wood stove there is no condensation

We write to tell you how pleased we are with our solar heating system.

We installed it in our summer house and will not do without it. The house is dry and smells fresh, and when we arrive there on a day during autumn or spring we clearly notice that the temperature is a couple of degrees higher inside the house than outside. So we only need a stick in the wood stove to get the house heated.

Valborg praises it whenever she gets the chance, and she is happy that the furniture, linen and tableware are never damp. Even when we use the wood stove there is no condensation anywhere.

Of course you don’t remember us, because we had the system installed many years ago. We were among the first, I believe, so it is many years ago. I suppose you do not notice how time passes when everything runs smoothly. We have not touched the system since we mounted it.

We read that you have developed the system further and therefore we felt inclined to tell you how happy we are with our antiquity. If anybody in the Fjellerup area would like to see it they shall be welcome to drop in.

Kind regards, Valborg og Leo P. Larsen Hinnerup

The indoor temperature was 24º C when it was only 0º C outside

SV14 for roof mounting: Dear Hans Joergen Christensen. Having purchased an SV14 for roof mounting on our 60 m2 summer house we now receive a welcome heating supplement – especially during the spring and autumn periods. At the same time the SV14 improves the indoor climate during the cold winter months when it supplies partial heating to the otherwise cold house and replaces the still air with fresh in a natural way.


Indoor we measured the incoming air to be 24º C when the outside temperature was only 0º C! A pity that the knowledge of this air based solar collector is not more widespread as so many people could benefit from its qualities. It is a brilliant product which certainly lives up to all the promises made, and it is highly recommendable for many purposes. afstand 5

Kind regards, Lone and Kurt Rise

After only 6 weeks we noticed a great improvement in the indoor climate

Soendervig: We are the happy owners of a summer house by the North Sea. We only use the house during the summer season. Some years ago we had air valves made in all the rooms as the house smelt stuffy in spring. It helped a lot, but we were not completely satisfied.


Through a friend we learned about the dehumidification system from “SolarVenti”. We drove up to the factory. Looked at the system and bought two medium sized which we immediately installed in the summer house. Only 6 weeks passed before we noticed a great improvement of the indoor climate. We can only recommend the dehumidification system from SolarVenti .

Best regards from Inge and Poul Hjorth, Soendervig

I’m very satisfied with my SolarVenti

I’m very satisfied with my SolarVenti. The system meets my highest expectations. The indoor climate of my house is quite different now – no damp and no stale “summer house smell” – everything is just fresh.

Greetings from Bent Eckert, 2100 Copenhagen